Merry Christmas

Hi my friends,

how are you? What`s happening in your places?

Here is happening a lot. Some things you can read in the news and some things I could tell you now. But it`s already christmas time so let`s celebrate and just talk about a few…

We are still working on our IPON cases these days. Maybe we can give us some vacations from next weekend on…sometimes you need to rest your head for a while to load your batteries.

What happened within the last weeks?

From December the 4 th to 8 th we visited the other IPON Team in Bacolod City (located in Negros Occidental) and we had have some nice days over there. Mostly discussing about how to combine our work to be more effective in our two teams but also having some spare time…

We went to some waterfalls and i can tell that it was very nice.

jumping at the waterfalls...nice...

jumping at the waterfalls...nice...

What is happening before Christmas?

On thursday we will go to the Department of Jutice in Manila City to give them a filled out Application Paper regarding “Wittness Protection” for one of the farmers in Bondoc Peninsula. It took us weeks to get to this point, because we and the wittness were faced a lot of walls we had to break in. Let`s take a minute to send a prayer that the “Wittness Protection” will work out in the end.

What else can I say?

Merry Christmas my friends!

Stay tuned,


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