Impressions after 8 weeks in the Philippines

Hey my friends,

now I am in the Philippines for 8 weeks, wow 🙂

A lot of things happened in the last time, we had a lot of Area visits regarding our work as Human Rights Observers. And I wrote a some articles and one will be published in the next IPON Observer Journal in December 2009. The article focuses on the farmers and their struggle for their own agricultural land.

Another article you can find on Indymedia: and additionaly I wrote a short info for the official IPON website:

What else happened during my first 8 weeks in Bondoc, Quezon, Philipines?

I met a lot of new friends and we shared some good moments together 🙂

For example yesterday (01.11.2009) I joined them in their celebration of “Undas”, the “Day of the Dead”. All Filipinos spend the day on the cemetery at the tombs of their decedents. Everybody is eating, drinking and even making music directly on the cemetery. Of course, you see people making a prayer on the cemetery but the sense of the Undas is to spend the day like this to remind on your relatives who passed away…

I think this is a really nice tradition.

celebrating "Undas"...

celebrating "Undas"...

Stay tuned,


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