Philippine Way…

Hi my friends,

time is passing by and the world moves on everyday 🙂

What a great start to a new blog. Here in Bondoc Peninsula is happening so much. Many kids, many coco nuts and smiling in the faces of the people we meet. Last week Tanja and me went into the so called area. We went to a farmer who is living in a small place two hours away from mulanay. We spent the night in his house – a pretty simple place. He told us about his life and the dangers he survived in his life. That were definitly tough experiences he had to face.

...a chess game in Lucena City...

...a chess game in Lucena City...

The next day day we observed a hearing between in a farmer and a landowner at the department of agrarian reform in buenavista. The people were explaining their situation and an official staff member from the department was giving comments and making a report. We did this as well and for me it was a real new experience. I think you have to get used to the fact that you observe and report a situation which is more than serious to the participating persons.

On our way back to mulanay we drove with 4 people on a motorbike. Pretty amazing 🙂

The next day we made a trip to Lucena City 🙂

Stay tuned,


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3 Responses to Philippine Way…

  1. Torsten & Anni says:

    Menno Eric du erlebst was!

    Das klingt irgendwie alles so realitätsfremd. Das aufregndste was hier passiert in Nürnberg war die Wahl. Hab meine beiden Kreuze gemacht aber leider hat sich nix geändert. Nu gibts wieder ne Koalition und bald werden se merken das da Geld fehlt weils ja in das Bankenloch geschoben wurde….

    Jo ansonsten bekommen wir im Oktober und November schon den ersten Besuch aus der alten Heimat 🙂

    Bleib Gesund und Munter und lass dich nicht wegfangen da unten.

    Schönen Gruß natürlich auch an den Frank samt Familie von uns.

  2. Arni the Locke says:

    3 EURO fuers Phrasenschwein fuer den Start des Blogs….

  3. Frank & Marcie says:

    Hallo Eric,
    es grüßen Dich nach zwei Whisky und vier Rotwein F&M. Endlich haben wir es wieder geschafft dass uns ein paar Leude besuchen. Und Nicole ist auch da! Schöne Grüße aus Rostock!

    Hier Marcie – meld Dich mal, gern auch über “Studi”, wie es Dir so ergeht! So weiter mit Whiskey 3 und Rotwein 5^^… Beste Grüße und Gesundheit

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